Friday, June 24, 2011

An impression in inside of Kronos

It was not main a motherboard to have been different from my imagination, and a boat of ARM is main / core board. Korg uses ATOM in substitution for DSP. It is the structure such as the conventional synthesizer.
Therefore, I think Korg cannot transplant all on a PC immediately. At least user interface is a reshaping. It may be result working in the ARM side that a sequencer is Legacy. Of course a degree of difficulty is high in acquiring an outside display out.

Time for boot
It takes the time for boot more than 2 minutes. It is necessary for it to shorten it in both ATOM side and ARM side to shorten this. It does not seem to be a problem to be settled if I do something about the ATOM side. For example, even if make DIMM 4GB from 2GB; nonsense. If kronos stores an image of the RAM in SSD and flash memory and boots it, kronos may boot it fast.It is movement such as the hibernation. But a correction of large software / firmware will be necessary. Even if kronos adopted the short OS of the boot-time, It will be hard work for engineers of korg.

Problem of latency
Similarly it is necessary to shorten it in both ATOM side and ARM side. The reason is because one of the causes communicates with ATOM via USB/COM1 between ARM. It may become earlier if Korg uses PCI Express. However, they will not do it from cost. As for the USB, both the price and the technique are stable in an embedded system. As a left method, KORG cannot but improve the software / firmware. Little by little.

An electronic design gets better than I thought
The feeling that korg made hastily does not perform it at all.  There is not the jumper line and sees parts of the Anti-EMI at the minimum, too.  An Electribe was terrible. I want to write it about Electribe sometime.

Kronos is almost comprised of commodity parts
In any kind of electronic equipment parts maker, They can enter musical instrument industry. Korg has opened Pandora's box. Open labs is only the beginning. The thing except electronic parts becomes the entry wall.  For example, a keyboard or patents.

Kronos becomes the physical structure suitable for production in small quantities
The physical structure that is made be production in Japan. I think that there is little number of the production, And Korg cannot make at least kronos in the factory which is low-end.

It is cheap OASYS
I do not know how structure of OASYS turns out, but there is a possibility that Kronos has better performance if OASYS uses the functions such as the videos of the on board. As for OASYS, core Pentium4 2.8GHz single, Kronos is ATOM 1.66GHz dual-core. Judging from a load meter, I seem to assign a synthesizer and an effector to each core.
The comparison of the CPU is this place.,2649.html
The outside part including the controller costs money OASYS clearly. I think that it is contents cut down well.

I want to draw a block diagram later.




同じく、ATOM側とARM側の両方で短くする必要がある。内部をUSBないしCOM1でやりとりしているというのが大きな原因。PCI Expressを使えばもっと早くなるのかもしれないが、コストからやっていないのであろう。組込み系ではUSBは価格も技術もこなれている。


やろうと思えばどのメーカーでも参入できる。キーボードや特許など電子部品以外のところが参入障壁だろう。Open labsは始まりに過ぎない。

Made in japanだからできているような構造。生産数もたかが知れていると思う。

OASYSはPentium4 2.8GHzシングルコア、KronosはATOM 1.66GHzデュアルコア。




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