Friday, June 3, 2011

Kronos is too slow

I measured the latency.
It is about 8-10msec, is slow for a hardware synthesizer dramatically.

The latency of a conventional  hardware synthesizer is 2-3msecs. The lateness that is about the same as a software synthesizer.

I do not touch it in an ENV, may become well.
This photograph is the first sound of pre-seting IA-000 PIANO.
In this in 10msec.




  1. Have you measured the latency of the Kronos X?

    To me the original Kronos definitely feels latent but when I tried the newer X version (admittedly only briefly...) it felt fine!

  2. The measured (by me) initial note on latency of a original Kronos is about 8ms. The newer versions will likely be the same since they use the same os. The newer cpus by the way are actually less robust than the original though run slightly faster. Initial note on latency is not the only factor nor the most important necessarily. Other hardware synths may fire the inital note on quicker but lag more in getting the rest of the simultaneous notes out causing perceived timing issues that can't be compensated for. The Kronos can fire off all simultaneous events after the first as fast as midi allows. The initial latency is very consistent in the Kronos (not so in all hardware) and thus can be compensated for easily; this makes the timing of the Kronos as tight as midi will allow.